Pueraria Mirifica Anti Wrinkle Day Cream

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Its unique construction, rich in Phytoestrogens, helps to reduce and prevent the effects of aging. It is able to decrease visible wrinkles and fine lines in the skin whilst also firming and moisturising.

The Phytoestrogen molecules harnessed from Pueraria are biologically identical to the molecules found in the human oestrogen hormone. This means the Phytoestrogens can interact with the natural systems of the body to give its incredible anti-aging effects. The soft texture of this cream enables it to be easily absorbed into the skin which means that when the cream is applied, the Phytoestrogens are able to bind with receptors deep within the skin increasing the output of collagen to firm the outer layers of skin.

Pueraria Anti Wrinkle Day Cream is an all natural product and contains Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract infused with Aloe Vera Gel and Dead Sea Minerals to moisturise and smooth the skin, protecting and enhancing it.

1 Jar of Day Cream, 50ml / 1.7oz

Suitable for All Skin Types.

Directions: Rub a small amount of cream on clean face and neck in gentle massage movements until cream is absorbed. Excellent as a make-up base.