How Pueraria Works

There are two kinds of Kwao Krua (Pueraria Mirifica) roots, white and red. The White Kwao Krua is the herb used by females and the Red Kwao Krua is the herb used by males. White Kwao Krua has a high concentration of Phytoestrogens, while Red Kwao Krua is used by males and has testosterone, which is a natural hormone. In Thailand, the plant “Kwao Krua” is considered to be a rejuvenating adaptogenic herb.

Plant Description

Pueraria mirifica is a type of hard vine that grows up and climbs around large trees.

The rhizome extract of Pueraria mirifica contains ” Phytoestrogens ” (Hormone from Plant) comprising isoflavones (daidzin, daidzein, genistin, genistein and puerarin) and others such as Miroestrol and its derivatives, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, puerarin, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, mirificin, b-sitosterol, alkane alcohol, fat, and sugar.

It has been reported that Pueraria mirifica contains estrogenic substance Miroestrol, which can be found in the dry rhizome of Pueraria mirifica about 0.002-0.003%. This substance has been proven 2 times more effective than human estrogen.

PhytoestrogenPueraria mirifica is also high in Phytoestrogens, substance which imitates female estrogen. Pueraria mirifica is regarded as a “Fountain of Youth” because it possesses Phytoestrogens that helps supplement human estrogen

New applications of Pueraria mirifica have also been introduced. With modern extraction technology, the dried roots are extracted and standardized into powder extract and solution extract which can be used in a number of industries. Typically, the health benefits of Pueraria mirifica are as follows: – Maintains all female sex characteristics.- Rejuvenates the body and keeps the body lively. Firms breasts. Makes the skin beautifully young.- Possesses anti-aging properties.- Stimulates blood circulation.- Boosts memory.- Increases appetite.- Improves complexion.- Reduces wrinkles and freckles.- Alleviates cataract problems.- Nourishes skin condition, especially around the breasts.- Combats premature greying of hair.- Re-grows hair, strengthening and darkening existing ones.- Increases energy and vigour leading to more reflexive bodily movement.

Pueraria mirifica is also extensively used in cosmetic productions. Main chemical substances in the plant—Phytoestrogens and miroestrogen—can effectively stimulate the characteristics of women such as breast and hip enlargements. These two substances will induce the increasing of cell turgidity, not cell proliferation. The enlargement process will be continued at a level response before termination and the effect will be changed to breast firmness and then will still be maintained at the peak level. Pueraria Mirifica can thus be produced into breast-firming cream, skin-nourishing cream, etc.

Pueraria mirifica is Specially Recommended for- Women with small breasts, dry skin, etc. Women who want to stay healthy and young.

Scientific and Toxicity Study of Pueraria Mirifica

A series of studies involving breast cell lines and the activity of Pueraria mirifica in vitro have been performed by the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand. These studies have shown that Pueraria mirifica root extract (Smith Naturals Co Ltd., Bangkok) has potent anti-estrogenic properties against aggressive cell cancer lines in vitro, especially the proliferative estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer lines (T47-D, MCF-7, and ZR-75-1) obtained from the MD Anderson Cancer Institute (Texas) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).Pueraria mirifica promotes fibroblasts in normal breast cells and inhibits estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells. Unpublished, 2001, Sawatsri, S., Juntayanee, B., Jitpatima, S., Boonnao, P., Kampoo, C., Ayutthaya, N., Wongyai, S. and Slidell, N.

According to the study conducted at the School of Medicine, Saint Marianne University, Tokyo, Japan by Kuramoshi, T. and Smitasiri, Y. about the preliminary study of Pueraria mirifica in Japanese females, 50 healthy menstruating volunteer females, ages 20 to 49, were given between 100 to 600 mg orally of Pueraria mirifica root powder daily as capsules for 7 days, two weeks after menstruation. No reports of abnormally heavy, severe, or missed menstruation were recorded. Human Test: PM Root has also been tested in human and was reported in 1961 as having a potent estrogen effect. Thai medical doctors have tested the crude extract in patients. The results also showed promising applications for this herb. Skin Test: Six female albino rats were hair cut and injected with 0.1% of Pueraria mirifica extract. The test was completed and showed no allergic reactions on skin. It implied that the dermal diffusion did not cause any dermal irritation to the skin. Thus, the Pueraria mirifica extract can be presented in cosmetics without any allergic effect.

Research and Study on Pueraria Mirifica

It has been revealed recently that Pueraria mirifica is safe to be used in human in certain dosage as well as consumption period. Researchers have been conducting a series of tests covering chemical analysis, tissue culture, mass propagation, cultivar improvement, production, product development and testing and so on for 9 years. The result shows that selected Pueraria mirifica contains very high isoflavones content and high antimutagenic effects as well as high killing effects on human mammary cancer cell lines. Nowadays, nutritionists recommend the consumer to take isoflavones regularly for the purpose of cancer protection normally found on people who have a hormone imbalance.

The Benefits of Miroestrol and Its Derivatives in Pueraria mirifica Miroestrol and its derivatives are also precious chemicals in the white Kwao kreu which promote estrogenic and mammogenic effects to various tissues such as breast enlargement or breast tissue reformation.

The Differences between Soya and Pueraria mirifica Soya, a Western health food alternative, show the soy product contains lower amount of Phytoestrogens, and there is no Miroestrol and its derivatives. Their benefit to the body is far less than that of Pueraria mirifica. Research confirm that these chemicals are potent anti-breast cancer, anti-prostate hyperplasia, anti-colon cancer, anti-osteoporosis and also anti-cardiovascular disease via the potent reduction of blood cholesterol.

Applications of Pueraria mirifica Pueraria extract is a natural specialty product designed to help promote normal healthy sexual function and rejuvenescence in women. Pueraria mirifica imitates human estrogen that is a natural body compound, including growth and maintenance of all female sex characteristics. Therefore, when Pueraria mirifica is applied it can help replace lost estrogen and rejuvenate the specific area.

Pueraria Mirifica is a herbal product that has effects on the growth, firmness and shape of breasts. It is taken from the roots of the White Kwao Krua herb tree that grows only in Thailand. Pueraria mirifica is dedicated to bringing you only the finest and strongest products and we are one of the very few companies that can actually offer you 100% Pure Pueraria Mirifica Capsules.

Local women and rural communities in Thailand have used Pueraria mirifica effectively as a traditional medicine for over hundreds of years. Today, extracts from the root of Pueraria mirifica are claimed by mainstream medical researchers, medical physicians and herbalists as a “Fountain of Youth” that manifests properties contributory to rejuvenescence – firm’s breasts, hair regrowth / strengthens and darkens existing ones, helps improve complexion and reverses wrinkle effects, alleviates cataract problems, increases energy and vigour leading to more reflexive bodily movements.

Although Phytoestrogens can also be found in other natural products such as soybeans and bean curd, Phytoestrogens in Pueraria mirifica is far greater than that in other products. Apart from daidzin, genistin, and daidzein that are usually found in soybeans, Pueraria mirifica also contains Miroestrol which is believed to have 3,000 times more potency than soybeans in promoting estrogenic activities.

Most women are very concerned about aging, particularly the effects brought about by the aging process. At a certain age, the body experiences dramatic changes: the body’s systems and its functions begin to decelerate and the immune system weakens. For the average woman, menstruation cycles end at 45-50 years of age when the reproductive system stops or slows down. Moreover, it is a fact that women who no longer menstruate are further troubled by the adverse effects of lower levels of estrogen in the body. Estrogen helps to control the production of free radicals (free radicals are perceived as being harmful for the body because they accelerate degeneration of bodily organs), and therefore lack of estrogen can induce the production of free radicals. Psychological changes range from anxiety, tension and nervousness, to chronic depression. Whereas physiological effects include hot flushes, fatigue and insomnia to more severe conditions as bone loss, balding and degeneration of the reproductive area. Pueraria mirifica contains substances that can help with these problems.

Hormone Replacement therapy Pueraria mirifica can solve it

An effective alternative hormone replacement approach would be to delay those aging problems by using natural Phytoestrogens present in Pueraria Mirifica as a dietary supplement when used daily

Hormone Replacement as Health benefit of Phytoestrogens.

1) Firstly, as stated earlier, Pueraria Mirifica contains various kinds of Phytoestrogens, e.g., Miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, genistein, daidzein, genistein, coumestrol, etc. These Phytoestrogens can bind to the estrogen receptors like estrogen does with different degrees of affinity giving different estrogenic potency. When Pueraria is taken, its Phytoestrogens would go around the body through blood circulation and bind estrogens receptors present in various body organs. This would help restore normal function of the body once slow down due to the aging process.

Hence, Phytoestrogens from Pueraria Mirifica can correct estrogens insufficiency in the body.

2) Secondly, there is evidence to support that Phytoestrogens consumption contributes to lower risks of cardiovascular disease and that Phytoestrogens may even prevent cardiovascular related diseases.

Source: Medicinal Plant Research Institute, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand July 2000